ConstructionQuantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyor Roles in the Six Construction Stages

In practically every stage of the construction process, a quantity surveyor performs a variety of vital tasks. The QS has a wide range...

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka

Quantity surveyor (QS) is one of the professional advisors to the construction industry. Quantity surveyors are employed on major building and construction projects...


Most demanding Jobs in the Construction field

Well, probably you may be finding a job in construction industry at this very moment Or you may be doing a research on...

Key points of a Quantity Surveyor
ConstructionQuantity Surveying

What are the key points that a 2year experienced quantity surveyor should know?

Drawings – Drawings are the language of a Civil engineer. It is must for every QS to read every type of drawings and...

ConstructionQuantity Surveying

Arbitration in Construction

Quantity Surveyor doesn’t require to possess manual labour skills like in other jobs in the construction industry. It needs a good understanding of...

Who is a Quantity Surveyor
ConstructionQuantity Surveying

Who is a Quantity Surveyor?

Who is a QS? A Quantity Surveyor is a professional who is connected to the field of construction, and whose main task is...

Quantity Surveying
ConstructionQuantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying and It’s Importance

An understanding of the implications of a construction project design decision at an early stage ensure that good value is obtained for the...

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