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Quantity Surveyor Roles in the Six Construction Stages


In practically every stage of the construction process, a quantity surveyor performs a variety of vital tasks. The QS has a wide range of tasks during the construction phases, regardless of whether it is a big infrastructure project or minor building construction work.

The following are the roles of the quantity surveyor in each of these stages as follows.

01.Pre-construction stage

The QS evaluates the site circumstances, reviews the architect and engineer’s plans, determines the costs associated, and then prepares a general evaluated budget plan for each project activity.

02.Design Phase

Value engineering is a technique the quantity surveyor uses throughout the design phase to include the design team and offer workable alternatives for keeping the project within the project’s allocated budget.

03.Tendering Stage

Considering the needs of the client and other information available from the designers, the QS provides advice on contracting and tendering plans at this stage. Along with the client’s insurance advisers, the QS also reports on liabilities and insurance. Together with the project architect, the quantity surveyor creates the comprehensive and final tender estimate. 

04.Tender Selection & Appraisal

The QS suggests shortlisting bidders at this stage and investigating the tender’s financial standing and experience. Along with reviewing bid documents and making recommendations for the best tender, he also provides advice on faults and negotiates offers.

05.Construction Stage

The QS keeps track of the project’s development during the construction process. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, he will get ready with ideas and generate invoices for payments to suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. Additionally, QS assesses the financial effects of project changes such design modifications, delays, and variances with contractors. Dispute resolution for clients, designers, builders, subcontractors, and other project-related stakeholders.

06.Post Construction Stage

The QS creates the statements for final accounting, which document the actual costs incurred across all project-related employment categories. Also made available are the documentation needed for the technical audits. Where necessary, tax laws and policies are taken into account and implemented.

Thus, the quantity surveyor’s numerous critical tasks in each of the construction processes are as above.

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