Most demanding Jobs in the Construction field


Well, probably you may be finding a job in construction industry at this very moment Or you may be doing a research on job opportunities available in this field before choosing  your stream of higher studies. No matter what your requirement is, here are some accounts on the top jobs which are mostly demanded in the current construction industry. It is not always about physical labour skills, because there are so many rewarding job opportunities on intellectual, non-physical jobs as well. See which are the best options for you!

  1. Quantity Surveyor/ Cost Estimator

This a non-physical job which basically needs the knowledge in budgeting, financing and cost controlling. Their main responsibility to manage the costs of a construction project by ensuring that the construction project is completed within its projected budget. (see the article about Quantity Surveyors in my website for further details.)

  • Construction Manager

This is a highly paid post in the construction field which requires good skills in administration to make sure the projects are completed within the given time frame to the budget. Strong communication and leadership skills are also required as it is a challenging position with lot of responsibilities.

  • Electricians

They are basically responsible of planning and designing lightning systems, repairing and maintaining of construction equipment and machines.

  • Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher

This is an obvious, essential and demanding job opportunity in the construction industry which is to work with laying foundations, leveling, mixing of cement and ensure the solidification of materials. However, this need prior training and experience.

  • BMI Technician

The job holder is handling the IT and Technology aspects of the project like data analyzing and use of digital tools.

  • Plumber

This deals with pipes in the building to supply water and drainage. They have to install pipe system, maintain and repair worn out pipes, decide on equipment needed on the project etc. This job is well paid in European countries.

  • Carpenters

Their job includes to make frames of the buildings, windows, floors and so on related to wooden materials. Their work is interconnected with other workers in the project and they need to possess creative skills as well as architectural knowledge.

  • Glazier

His job tasks include working on heights such as, installation of windows, skylights, storefronts, Sealing, removal of glasses, shaping of glasses according to given blueprints etc.  As there is a risk involved in working at heights, there is a high demand and payment for this job.

  1. Construction worker

This is the general physical labour work in construction which doesn’t require prior experience to start on. Preferable for people with less soft skills and intellectual skills but with courage to do physical work. They are essential in construction industry and should be willing to work on different areas of the project.

Also there are some other job opportunities like: Painters, solar panel specialists, sheet metal specialists which are specific to a particular task and doesn’t need any degree or academic qualifications to start with.

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